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Charlotte T. Scherer

Woodstock, NY

Charlotte Scherer's art attempts to clarify the world we live in. She uses colors and sometimes shapes that create depth and draw the viewer in. She fills the space of her work so that different areas evoke different feelings, although there is always a flow and wholeness about the work, what remains vitally important to her is that there is a sense of mystery which commands keen observation. Scherer layers her color and at times enjoys using a combination of mediums. Light is ever-present in her pieces and create a strength that embraces the viewer. Abstraction has been the direction of her work for many years. She finds abstracts to be more honest and perpetually changing, as we all are.

Charlotte Scherer's paintings have been molded by the emotional, intellectual, and aesthetic experiences of her life. It is never clear to her from the outset where she will be going in her work. What is conveyed is the integrity of the moment.

Having been a gallery owner for nearly 40 years has given her the opportunity to be involved in the making of art history on the American front. She has had several mentors that have influenced her work including Will Barnet, Sica, Rothko and Elsworth Kelly.

This time in her life is dedicated to creating new works and challenging herself with the wonders of color. Charlotte Scherer works and resides in Woodstock, NY where she is part of one of the most fascinating artist communities in the United States.

Charlotte Scherer's Curriculum Vitae...