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Gina Novendstern

New York, NY

Gina Novendstern is an American sculptor who lives and works in New York City. She has lived in Mexico and exhibits in both countries.

Novendstern uses human representation as a reference point to create expressionist male and female forms that serve as mirrors of ourselves. She incorporates the human figure in all of her work, in tact or in fragments, solitary or in groups. Her works contain torsos, legs and heads, vestigial presences that neither appear nor disappear, but that are powerful and determined to exist. At times she uses the same figure or fragment in different compositions, creating a varying aesthetic expression for her figures that give them the potential to touch the viewer in many different ways.

Gina Novendstern uses a variety of materials but the strongest presence in her work, especially that which is featured at Asher Neiman Gallery, is bronze. She often combines steel or wood with bronze, using diverse patinas that cast slightly different shades of color on the already rich-colored bronze. She masters her technique by focusing a great deal of attention on the interaction of geometric proportion, perspective, and surface treatment. In Novendstern's work, the symbolic potential of a figure is not necessarily defined by its physical characteristics, but often it is the relationship to the overall composition or the materials utilized which enhance the figure's meaning beyond that of the mere representation of human form.

The end result of Gina Novendstern's creative inquiry is a body of work that evokes emotional and intellectual responses. Her sculptures present us with the weaknesses and strengths inherent in human beings and encourage us to examine the social, political, and spiritual world we inhabit.

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